Workshop – The Piano Adventures Method

Evert Mostert is a translator and editor of North America’s best-selling piano method: Piano Adventures®. All levels (1 to 6) of these are now available in Dutch editions. He is currently working with his Dutch translation team on the translation of the teacher’s guide to Piano Adventures and My First Piano Adventure. The Dutch-language edition of Piano Adventures has quickly become a widely used beginner’s method in the Netherlands. The pianistically written pieces and studies motivate the student, especially in combination with the fantastic accompaniment CD that contains a wide range of musical styles.

  • How did the method originate?
  • What makes this method unique?
  • What is the relationship between the two books per level?
  • What are the key points of the methodology?
  • How is technology, reading, listening, improvising, theory, sound balance, pedal use taught?
  • How can you work with the accompaniment CD or the Player App?

Definitely too many questions for one hour: nevertheless I will cover as many as possible in this presentation!